About the Daniel Haston

Family Association

Rescuing from oblivion the history and stories of our early Hastons
and related ancestors.


Daniel Haston was an American pioneer, born in northern Virginia.  In about 1783 he moved his family to what is now East Tennessee and eventually settled in what became White County of Middle Tennessee. 


His father, Henry Hiestand, was a 1727 immigrant to America from the Rhineland of Germany.  But the Hiestand family originated in Canton Zurich of Switzerland.  They were Anabaptists (Mennonites) who had to flee their Swiss homeland because of persecution for their simple Biblical faith. 


Daniel, a first generation born-American, was a very simple man who had 13 or so children and dozens of grandchildren who scattered from Tennessee throughout the Mid-West and pretty much all over the Western USA.  

Wayne Haston, A Family Historian

This is an association of his descendants and other folks who are interested in Daniel and his extensive family.

Daniel’s original surname was Hiestand, but it morphed into many different spellings–Haston, Hastin, Hasten, Hasting, Hastings, Hastain, etc.  Regardless of how our “H” names are spelled, we are all members of one big family.   


And you certainly don’t have to carry one of those names to be a part The Daniel Haston Family Association.  Anyone related to the family, directly or indirectly, is welcome to join in as we seek to research, preserve, and honor the history and heritage of the vast Daniel Haston family.


We would like to see the association grow, not only as a repository and disseminator of historical information, but also as group of committed family members who could assist with Haston-related projects.  For example, one goal would be to raise funds to help with the upkeep of some key cemeteries where our ancestors are buried.  


We will be making known some of the association’s financial needs along the–annual costs of our website as well as some opportunities to assist with some Haston heritage projects.


To become a member of our association, go to "Register" on the main menu at the top of the page.  Also, please share this page with others who might have an interest in joining the Daniel Haston Family Association.

“Remember the days of old, consider the years of many generations:
ask thy father, and he will show thee; thy elders, and they will tell thee.”

King James Version (KJV)

Don’t you hope someday someone will be here
to help your descendants remember you?

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