Mary/Polly Haston Lewis

Mary/Polly Haston Lewis
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Born: 1804-01-22
Father: David HastonMother: Margaret/Peggy Roddy HastonSpouse: William "Black Bill" Lewis
Children: none
Siblings: William Carroll Haston, Isaac T. "Shack" Haston, Nancy Jane Haston Earles Carroll, James W. Haston, Margrete/Peggy Haston, Loucinda L. Haston Moore Trogden, David Macklin/Maclin Haston, Thomas C. Haston, Isham Bradley Haston, Daniel McComiskey Haston, Willie Blount Haston, Malinda Haston Mitchell

Published by Wayne Haston

I was born in Sparta, TN on April 18, 1947. Graduated from White County High School in 1965. Became a true follower of Jesus Christ in my senior year of high school. Graduated from TN Temple University and Temple Baptist Seminary in Chattanooga, TN. Received Ph.D. from the University of TN in 1997. Married Sharon McCoy in 1970. We have 3 adult daughters and 7 grandkids. I began Haston family research in 1999.