Caney Fork of the Cumberland (The Book)

Daniel Haston settled on the south side of the Caney Fork River in what was then White County, TN.  The river holds lots of memories for those of us who grew up near there.  I certainly have enough personal stories to occupy you for a few hours and most of them are even true!  And there is a lot of history that happened along that sometimes lazysometimes torrent stream of water.  

Arthur Weir Crouch was a civil engineer for the TVA who walked up and down the banks of the Caney Fork surveying the high water marks of the river in preparation for the building of the Great Falls Dam at Rock Island, TN.  Mr. Crouch put much of what he learned about the river in a book in 1972.  His son, Edward W. Crouch, gave me (Wayne Haston) permission to publish his father’s book online.  It contains lots of facts and personal stories about Mr. Crouch’s experiences on the Caney Fork River, mostly above Rock Island – the area of the river where our early Hastons settled.

The entire book is available on the Heritage of Daniel Haston website.  It’s a book worth preserving.  It’s a book work reading, especially for those of you familiar with the river.

Balsam Range performing ‘Caney Fork River‘ in Studio B on September 25, 2015

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