If It Is Not Documented

Basic Rule of Recording History = Valid Documentation! The “Beyond Family Lore” Series Three Stages of Haston Research Seven Inaccuracies in Haston Genealogies If It Ain’t Documented, it Ain’t History Wayne’s Rant As a Ph.D. student at the University of Tennessee, I was required to take a collection of courses on how to conduct credibleContinue reading “If It Is Not Documented”

Seven Major Errors in Early Haston Genealogy Documents

Seven Major Errors in Early Haston Genealogical Documents The “Beyond Family Lore” Series Three Stages of Haston Research Seven Inaccuracies in Haston Genealogies If It Ain’t Documented, it Ain’t History There is much to appreciate about Haston family members of earlier generations who sincerely sought to discover and record the history of Daniel Haston’s massiveContinue reading “Seven Major Errors in Early Haston Genealogy Documents”

Three Stage of Daniel Haston Family Research

The Evolution of Research on the Daniel Haston Family Three Stages of Haston Research Seven Inaccuracies in Haston Genealogies If It Ain’t Documented, it Ain’t History I don’t know when members of the Daniel Haston FAMILY began to develop an interest in discovering the historical story of Daniel Haston’s life and ancestry.  I can imagineContinue reading “Three Stage of Daniel Haston Family Research”

Haston Family Mini-Reunions

Let Us Help You Organize & Promote Your Haston Mini-Reunion As I got older, the reunions became rarer and much smaller in attendance. The older folks who did all of the organizing were passing away, and the younger family members were not interested in keeping these gathering going. By the time I was finishing highContinue reading “Haston Family Mini-Reunions”

Haston FAMILY Highlights of 2022

Looking Back at our 2022 Daniel Haston Family Association Highlights 1. July 22-23 Haston Family Reunion Our first-ever Daniel Haston Family Association all-Hastons reunion was a remarkable success.  About 150 registered from 17 states–all across the USA.  Saturday was an unusually hot and humid day, even for July in Tennessee, but the Fellowship Hall whereContinue reading “Haston FAMILY Highlights of 2022”

Help Finding Your Place in the Daniel Haston Family

Help Tracing You Back to Daniel Haston If you are a “Haston” or related to a Haston, chances are you are a member of the Daniel Haston FAMILY, that is scattered in all or most all of the United States.  I have to add the “chances are” caveat because there are some American Hastons thatContinue reading “Help Finding Your Place in the Daniel Haston Family”

First Cousin – Or, First Cousin Once-Removed

Cousins or First Cousins-Once Removed What’s the Difference? A cousin at any distance or level in your family tree is truly your “cousin.”  One of the things I’ve enjoyed most about working with Haston family research is getting to know so many cousins.  And even though I may never have met him or her inContinue reading “First Cousin – Or, First Cousin Once-Removed”

The Daniel Haston Short Story

The Daniel Haston Short Story Daniel Haston’s family lived “south of the Holston [now Tennessee] river opposite Knoxville, TN shortly after the town was established and when Tennessee became a state in 1796. Daniel Haston moved from Knox County, Tennessee to the area of middle Tennessee that became southern White County, a year or two priorContinue reading “The Daniel Haston Short Story”

Proud of My Country Roots – Wayne Haston

“I’m Proud of My Country Roots” Wayne Haston About 1951 – Left to right: My Dad (Boyd Haston), sister Marilyn, me (Wayne), cousin Mickey McWilliams, and of course – the mule. In the photo above, you are looking west toward the “Mitchell [or Dodson] Bridge” and Fraizer’s Chapel Methodist Church in a Caney Fork RiverContinue reading “Proud of My Country Roots – Wayne Haston”

Tent Graves: A Middle TN Phenomenon

Comb (or Tent) Graves = “Born” in White County, TN? Visitors who are not familiar with White County, Van Buren County and some of their neighboring counties are often surprised when they pass an old cemetery and see a scene such as the one above.  I grew up seeing lots of these kinds of gravesContinue reading “Tent Graves: A Middle TN Phenomenon”

Be Careful What You Hang on Your Tree

Be Careful What You Hang on Your Family Tree It May Haunt Your Family Forever! When I began researching my family history, I was totally at the mercy of other people who had researched the history of the Daniel Haston family before me.  In most cases, their research records turned out to be extremely helpful. Continue reading “Be Careful What You Hang on Your Tree”

Landon Medley Obituary

Landon Medley October 6, 1949 – September 25, 2021 Whether you knew him personally or not, Landon Medley was a friend to all of us who are interested in researching and studying the history of our Daniel Haston family.  Landon lived near the Daniel Haston family place and was steeped in a knowledge of localContinue reading “Landon Medley Obituary”

Submit Name and USPS Address for Occasional Snail-Mailings

Building a USPS (Snail Mail) List for Occasional Mailings Related to the History and Heritage of Daniel Haston & Haston Family Events If your current surname (or the surname of a friend or relative who is related to the pioneer Daniel Haston family) is not spelled “Haston” or “Hastain” (example, you go by a marriedContinue reading “Submit Name and USPS Address for Occasional Snail-Mailings”

DNA – Explained by Scientist and Genealogist Darvin Martin

DNA – An Introduction by Darvin Martin, Scientist & Genealogist View the June 7, 2021 Zoom Session with the Daniel Haston Family Association View Another Video: Darvin Martin Teaching the Basics of DNA Summary of the Q&A in the Video What are the main tests you can take to learn information about your background? ThereContinue reading “DNA – Explained by Scientist and Genealogist Darvin Martin”

Surname Spellings in Daniel Haston Family

One Family – Many H-Surname Spellings Colonel Howard H. Hasting, Sr. – a 1950s–early 1980s Haston family researcher – opened his research report on the family of Daniel Haston with this question: What is the name of this family?  He then proceeded to reference several different ways our H-surname has been spelled in official records.  IContinue reading “Surname Spellings in Daniel Haston Family”

Book Project – Heritage of Daniel Haston

Book Progress Update – December 2020 The work on this book actually began in the fall of 1999, when I started interacting with other people who were researching our Haston family history, visiting libraries, reading books, organizing a filing system, and developing http://www.DanielHaston.com. When I officially retired in 2017, the writing began.  I estimated thatContinue reading “Book Project – Heritage of Daniel Haston”

Hastons – A Family of Pioneers

Hastons – A Family of Pioneers Daniel Haston and his family were American pioneers, in the truest sense of the word. And we can’t begin to imagine how tough it was to be a pioneer in the wild wilderness of western North Carolina, eastern Tennessee, and the Caney Fork River valley in the decades justContinue reading “Hastons – A Family of Pioneers”

Discovering Your Family History

Why Study Dead People? Or “Discovering Your Family’s History” Written by Deborah Johnson This article is based on an interview I had with Dr. Wayne Haston, an expert on discovering family history. So why study dead people? It’s a lonely hobby as it’s so narrowly focused! When Dr. Haston started doing research, he became overwhelmed with allContinue reading “Discovering Your Family History”

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