Haston Big Spring – alias Swamp Spring

How BIG is the Haston Big Spring Branch When the Hastons moved (late 1803 or early 1804) to what became White County, TN in 1806, Daniel Haston located his cabin on a hill above the emergence (springhead) of what was then called “the Big Spring Branch.”  It soon became known as the “Haston Big Spring.” Continue reading “Haston Big Spring – alias Swamp Spring”

1890 Northern Van Buren County, TN

1890 – Key Features of Interest to Hastons & Many Other Families This map was created about 86 years after Daniel Haston settled on the Big Spring Branch in what became the Cummingsville community.  Daniel’s son, David Haston, died only 30 years prior to the map’s creation.  The natural geographical features are the same asContinue reading “1890 Northern Van Buren County, TN”

Photos and Background Info on 12 Haston Historic Sites in Tennessee

Photos & Background Info on 12 Historic Haston Sites in TN Even if you aren’t able to participate in the Saturday, July 23, 2022 tour, you will enjoy reading about (and seeing photos of) these 12 historic sites that are so important to the Daniel Haston Family. Download the 11 Page Document – Photos &Continue reading “Photos and Background Info on 12 Haston Historic Sites in Tennessee”

Haston Block Building – Spencer, TN

Haston Block House – Built 1908 in Spencer, TN On Saturday, July 23, 2022 – the attendees of our Daniel Haston Family Gathering will see this historic “Haston Block” building on the old courthouse square in Spencer.   And–as a special treat–you will want to visit “Honey’s Ice Cream Shop and Restaurant” that is now locatedContinue reading “Haston Block Building – Spencer, TN”

Montgomery Greenville Haston Farm

Montgomery Greenville Haston Farm The Core of M.G. Haston’s 1858 Farm – Today a Tennessee Century Farm On November 3, 1858, Montgomery G. Haston (grandson of David Haston, Great Grandson of Daniel) bought four tracts of land (1,163 acres more or less) from Nathan Durham for $900.[i]  The land was located around the current crossroadsContinue reading “Montgomery Greenville Haston Farm”

(I.T.) Haston Cemetery – Cummingsville, TN

Isaac T. & Elizabeth Sparkman Haston Family Cemetery Cummingsville of Van Buren County, Tennessee History of the Haston Cemetery Isaac T. Haston was the next-to-the-youngest son of David and Peggy Roddy Haston.  Although he was a grandson of Daniel Haston, Isaac T. was born (March 28, 1827) about a year after his grandfather died soContinue reading “(I.T.) Haston Cemetery – Cummingsville, TN”

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