Isham S. Haston Homeplace

“The Homeplace” The Isham S. Haston Family By Andrew LaRowe I am just old enough to have had the opportunity to know someone that was born on a farm in Tennessee in 1881. Della Myrtle Haston was my great-grandmother. She came to Winston Salem, North Carolina to live with her daughter, Arabelle, and they livedContinue reading “Isham S. Haston Homeplace”

Isaac T. Haston, Sr. Family

Isaac T. (Sr.) & Elizabeth Sparkman Haston Family Children of Isaac T. and Elizabeth Sparkman Haston Isaac T. Haston’s 1853/1854 Grant #11561 from TN for 215 Acres Isaac T. Haston’s survey says he purchased 215 acres, but when the survey “calls” are followed as stated on the survey, it’s clear that he got considerably lessContinue reading “Isaac T. Haston, Sr. Family”

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