42 - Jacob and Lucinda Haston Mitchell

Lucinda Haston - Daughter of Daniel Haston
Rev. Morris Mitchell - Revolutionary War Veteran and Father of Jacob Mitchell (husband of Lucinda Haston)

Jacob Mitchell was the son of Morris and Elizabeth Husong Mitchell (married 1781) who came to Tennessee from Washington County of western Pennsylvania.  Morris was a Revolutionary War veteran and a Methodist preacher.     

May 1, 1784 – The Morris Mitchell Bible record of births, marriages, and deaths in the Morris Mitchell family indicates Jacob Mitchell was born on this date.

Approximately 1804 (or later) – Although I have never seen the original family record from the Morris Mitchell Bible or even a photocopy of the original record, information on the record is widely known by genealogically inclined descendants of Morris and Elizabeth Mitchell.  No date or location of their marriage is given, but the record states that Morris and Elizabeth’s son, Jacob Mitchell, married Loucinda [Lucina] Haston [Hasting].  Loucinda, was a daughter of Daniel Haston.

It was often common in those days for a man to purchase a farm before getting married.  Maybe that was the case with Jacob and Lucinda.  Some Mitchell family records indicate that their first child, Susan, was born in about 1810.    If that is correct, they may have gotten married sometime after Jacob and the Hastons settled in White County and Jacob purchased his 50 acres on the Big Spring Branch, adjacent to Daniel Haston.

August 28, 1807 – On this date, Jacob’s 50 acres tract on the Big Spring Branch was officially located, although it had been “found” a few years earlier.  Jacob was 23 years old at this time. 

May 14, 1808 – Jacob Mitchell’s 50 acres “on the big spring branch of cane creek of the main caney fork” was surveyed.  David Hasting and Isham Bradley were chain carriers.[i]

[i] Tennessee Land Records, RG [Records Group] 50, Box 112,  62, 67.

July 21 & 24, 1818 – Daniel Haston was indicted on July 21, 1818 for his assault on Jacob Mitchell.  Daniel was fined fifty cents and the cost of the prosecution on a plea of guilty on July 24, 1818.[i] 

[i] White County, Tennessee Minutes of the Court of Common Pleas, July 1818, 209, 227.

The grand Jurors returned into court with the following Bills of Indictments toWit: The State against Daniel Haston for an assault and battery committed upon the body of Jacob Mitchell founded on a presentment of the grand Jury “A true Bill” and again retired to consult further of presentments and Indictments.  (July 21, page 209)

State vs. Daniel Hastin – Issd. Friday July 24th 1818
Indt for A.T.B.
On Prest of Grand Jury This day came as well I.J. Campbell Esqr. as the defendant in his proper person who being arraigned and charged upon the bill of Indictment pleaded guilty thereto and for his trial put himself upon the grace and mercy of the court – It is therefore considered by the court, that the defendant for such his offence make his fine by the payment of fifty cents and the costs of this prosecution.  (July 24, page 227)

Makes you wonder – What did Jacob do to cause his 65+-year-old father-in-law to assault him?

February 2, 1822 – Jacob Mitchell sold his 50 acres on Big Spring in White County to Pleasant White for $200, but it was not registered until September 4, 1837, fifteen years later (at which time Jacob Mitchell was not present, but Jacob Stipe vouched for him).[i]

[i] White County, Tennessee Deed Book K (microfilm #63), 257-258.

1830 – Morris Mitchell (Jacob’s father) and several members of his family were living in Roane County, Tennessee.[i]  Jacob Mitchell appears on the 1830 census for Regiment 67 of Monroe County, Tennessee,* along with a wife and eight children (four girls and four boys).[ii]  Jacob and Lucinda were in the “of 40 and under 50” age category.  Jacob would have been about 46 years old.  Lucinda would have been born between 1780 and 1790, according to this census. 

[i] 1830; Census Place: Roane, Tennessee; Series: M19; Roll: 180; Page: 3; Family History Library Film: 0024538.

[ii] 1830; Census Place: Regiment 67, Monroe, Tennessee; Series: M19; Roll: 175; Page: 84; Family History Library Film: 0024533.

1830 Census - Monroe County in East Tennessee

1834 – Morris and Elizabeth Mitchell, and other members of their family, moved from East TN to Polk County, Missouri in about 1834 and a few years following.  Morris Mitchell was more than 70 years old at the time of the move!  By 1840 there was a large Morris and Elizabeth Mitchell clan in southwestern Missouri. 

Regarding Jacob Mitchell, LuAnn Penrod Smith stated, “The majority of the Mitchell family migrated to Missouri c. 1834 and Jacob no doubt went to Missouri, but can’t find him there, either, at least not in Polk County with the rest of the clan.”[i]

[i] LuAnn Penrod Smith, email to Wayne Haston, January 11, 2002.

Based on records of some of Jacob and Lucinda Mitchell’s purported children that we now have access to, it appears that Jacob and Lucinda lived in Washington County, Missouri before he appeared later in Greene County, south of where Jacob’s parents and some of his other family members settled.  In the early 19th century, Washington County, MO had a very active lead and iron mining industry.  For example, in “1824 the mines near Potosi [county seat of Washington County] employed nearly 2,000 men, and lead ore sold at $10 per thousand.”[i]  Perhaps Jacob worked in the mines before moving further west to Greene County. 

[i] Goodspeed, Goodspeed’s Washington County [Missouri] History. (1888; reprinted, Signal Mountain, TN: Mountain Press, 2000), 14.

There is evidence to indicate that Jacob and Lucinda lived in the Richwoods and Union townships. One of the sons was married in the Breton Township.

February 29, 1848 – After Morris Mitchell, Sr. died, the record of his estate settlement indicated that Jacob Mitchell was living in Greene County, Missouri.  He purchased a colt, a cow, and a calf.  

Morris Mitchell estate settlement - Jacob's purchases

1850 – According to the 1850 census for the Van Buren Township of Crawford, Arkansas, Jacob Mitchell was living with his son Lorenzo D. Mitchell, a physician.  Jacob was 65 years old, had no occupation at the time and was born in Tennessee. 

There was no mention of Lucinda on Lorenzo’s census record. It appears that Daniel Haston’s daughter, Lucinda, died between the 1840 and 1850 census. 

1860s – During the 1860s, Jacob Mitchell was living in the village of Ebenezer, MO.  He made three minor real estate transactions there but seems to disappear before the 1870 census.

Mitchell Family Researchers' Opinions of Jacob Mitchell

Some descendants of Morris Mitchell who spent many years researching the family did not have very positive opinions of Jacob Mitchell.  Virginia Mitchell Barry descended from Jacob, through his son Robert D. Mitchell.  Virginia spent a “lifetime of research”[i] working on this family.  She called Jacob, “this perplexing individual—Jacob Mitchell.”  Virginia went on to say:

[i] Virginia Mitchell Barry, email to Wayne Haston, December 31, 2001.

Jacob Mitchell never seems to have owned much.  In fact, I can only find property ownership of the 50 acres in White County, TN, and the minor real estate turn-around deal in Greene County when he purchased property from his supposed daughter-in-law and immediately sold it to his supposed grandson.  The Morris Mitchell family seems to have all been prosperous go-getters and there is much documentation on most of that family.  The only thing they have written about Jacob is that he married Lucinda Haston.  If Jacob were an unsuccessful ne’er-do-well and if he were a member of the Morris Mitchell family, it is possible that they considered him an embarrassment and had little to do with him.  There is evidence he owed money to several family members.[i]

[i] Virginia Mitchell Barry, email to Wayne Haston, November 10, 2000.

LuAnn Penrod Smith, a descendant of Jacob’s brother, Rev. James and Sarah/Sallie Nave Mitchell, stated, “He (Jacob) must have been a rebel in this family of Methodist ministers!”  Morris Mitchell, Sr., a Methodist preacher himself, had three sons and ten grandsons who were Methodist preachers.[i]  Jacob Mitchell had a lot to live up to! 

[i] Van Hines Mitchell, 3.

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