The Book: The Story of the Daniel Haston Family

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Remember the days of old;
    consider the generations long past.
Ask your father and he will tell you,
    your elders, and they will explain to you.
Deuteronomy 32:7 (NIV)

In this book, I want to tell a story—a historically true story about our Haston family roots in Europe, beginning near the end of the Middle Ages.  The story will continue as I describe some of the dreadful experiences they were forced to endure in Europe because of their evangelical Christian faith and how our immigrant ancestor (earliest-to-America ancestor) got to America.  But the most extensive part of the story will focus on how our American forefathers moved from Pennsylvania to Virginia, from Virginia to Tennessee and Kentucky, and from there, all across the United States.

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The 31 Chapters in the Book

Section One – Our Haston Family Roots in Europe

Chapter 1 – The Pre-DNA Search for Our Family Roots

Chapter 2 – Switzerland, Our Deepest European Roots

Chapter 3 – Anabaptists in Switzerland

Chapter 4 – Anabaptists Flee to Eastern France and the Rhineland of Germany

Chapter 5 – Ibersheim in the Palatinate of Germany

Chapter 6 – Emigration to America

Section Two – Henrich Hiestand in America

Chapter 7 – Henrich Hiestand in Pennsylvania

Chapter 8 – Henrich Hiestand in Virginia

Section Three – Daniel and Abraham Hiestand

Chapter 9 – Daniel Haston in Virginia

Chapter 10 – Daniel Haston, a Revolutionary War Veteran?

Chapter 11 – Daniel Haston’s Early North Carolina Connections

Chapter 12 – Hiestand Families in Upper East Tennessee

Chapter 13 – Hiestand Families in Early Kentucky

Section Four – Daniel Haston Family in Tennessee

Chapter 14 – Daniel Haston Family in Knox County, Tennessee

Chapter 15 – David Haston’s Young Family

Chapter 16 – Daniel Haston’s Family in White County, Tennessee

Section Five – Children of Daniel Haston

Chapter 17 – David Haston in White County, Tennessee

Chapter 18 – David Haston in Van Buren County, Tennessee

Chapter 19 – Grandson, Montgomery Greenville Haston 

Chapter 20 – Joseph Haston

Chapter 21 – Jacob and Lucinda Haston Mitchell

Chapter 22 – John and Catherine Haston Austin

Chapter 23 – Isaac Haston in Tennessee

Chapter 24 – Isaac Haston in Missouri

Chapter 25 – Isaac Haston in California

Chapter 26 – Jesse Haston

Chapter 27 – Jeremiah Haston

Chapter 28 – Daniel Haston, Jr.

Chapter 29 – James and Elizabeth Haston Roddy

Chapter 30 – Mary/Polly and Peggy Hastings?


Chapter 31 – Big Fork Baptist Church and Cemetery 

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6 thoughts on “The Story of the Daniel Haston Family – Book

  1. Thank you for your Dedication and persistence over the many years of your research. May God’s choices blessings be yours.

  2. I need a copy of you book, I will be in Lancaster County PA in Sept. Can I pick up one there?
    Roger Hiestand Florence Az

  3. Kendrick Maynard was my 2nd Great Grandfather. I have never heard the story that he murdered anyone. I have only found where he was involved in a state Supreme Court case, but there was no information.

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