Help Tracing You Back to Daniel Haston

If you are a “Haston” or related to a Haston, chances are you are a member of the Daniel Haston FAMILY, that is scattered in all or most all of the United States.  I have to add the “chances are” caveat because there are some American Hastons that descend (apparently) from Scotland or Ulster (Northern) Ireland.  But MOST Americans who carry the Haston name, or are related to Hastons, descend from one early American pioneer–Daniel Haston.

Daniel Haston was the youngest son of a Swiss Mennonite, Henrich/Henry Hiestand, who emigrated to Pennsylvania in about 1727 and settled a few years later near what is now Luray, VA.  Henry came from a little village (Ibersheim) on the Rhine River near Worms, Germany where he was born.  But his family’s original nationality was Swiss.  His ancestors (probably grandparents) were driven out of Zürich Switzerland in the mid-1600s because of their Anabaptist (Mennonite) faith.

When Daniel’s father’s will was settled in 1783, Daniel moved his young family from the northern Shenandoah Valley of Virginia to what was formerly western North Carolina, but Tennessee since 1796.  

One of Henry’s grandsons stated that his grandfather had 13 children.  We have identified nine of those.  What happened to the others, we do not know currently but hope that they can be identified at a later time.  

Many of you who read this article already know where you fit into the Daniel Haston FAMILY.  But we often receive requests wanting to know how someone fits into the family, particularly which branch of the Daniel Haston family is his or her line and specifically how he or she is linked back from generation to generation to Daniel Haston.  

No promises, but there is a good chance that some of our researchers can help you with that.

If you would like us to help you determine how you fit into this BIG Daniel Haston FAMILY, contact us.  What we will need of you is what you know about your Haston or Haston-related ancestors–parents, grandparents, and more if you know farther back.

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