Building a USPS (Snail Mail) List for Occasional Mailings

Related to the History and Heritage of Daniel Haston & Haston Family Events
If your current surname (or the surname of a friend or relative who is related to the pioneer Daniel Haston family) is not spelled "Haston" or "Hastain" (example, you go by a married surname, or "Hasting," "Hastings," "Hastin," etc.), we need to add you or his/her to our USPS mailing list for occasional announcements.

If your current surname is spelled “Haston” or “Hastain” we probably have your US Post Office mailing address, but if you are not sure – please submit it and we will check to be sure we have it in our database.

Submit Information to Add People to Our USPS Mailing List
USPS Mailing List
Use this Dropdown to add another person before submitting.

Please share this with other Daniel Haston descendants or related family members who might be interested in receiving occasional postal mailings.


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