08 - The Amazing Richterswil Jet Fountain

Weather permitting and etc., we will watch the world famous Richterswil Jet Fountain “spout” on Sunday, June 25, 2023.

The Richterswil FONTÄNE, with its height of 101 meters (331 feet), takes eighth place among the top ten, but it is the highest fountain in the world that is operated with sheer gravity, therefore without a pump.

The Wet Attraction of Richterswil

Around 1875 the fountain near Richterswil splashed water into the sky for the first time – higher than any other in Europe. In 2007 the population celebrated the revitalized facility.

“Those from the other bank will be jealous,” says an older man. The man is convinced that the restored fountain in the lake at the Richterswil swimming pool arouses envy among the residents of Zurich’s Gold Coast. Hundreds of Richterswilers were happy with him on Saturday evening on the lakeshore about the fireworks, but there was only applause when the jet of water from the fountain that was put back into operation began to fight its way up into the sky. At first hesitantly, but then with a lot of energy, the jet of water shot up around 80 meters. At the beginning you could admire a straight fountain, but then the wind came up and the jet turned into a mist that made the audience dripping wet. But this did not detract from the mood. Some fled from the wet, others persevered – that was a nice memory of childhood.  More

9:34 Video

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