12 - The Richterswil Museum

In June 2023, while our Hiestand-Haston tour group is in Richterswil, Switzerland, we will have an opportunity to visit the local museum.

The Richterswil local museum deepens the understanding of regional history and promotes cultural life in the community.


The main points of his work are:

  • Management and expansion of the historical collection that is housed in the Haus zum Bären.
  • the organization of exhibitions showing part of the local history.
  • the publication of historical writings.
  • the organization of exhibitions in the field of art and culture in general.

The Richterswil local museum in the venerable “Haus zum Bären”, a stand construction from 1749, has a treasure trove of drawings and engravings from the 18th and 19th century, the age of tourism in the village. Old films, reports, pictures and photographs document the heyday of industry, industrialists, workers, manufacturing methods and village life. The museum houses the archive of the Zürichseezeitung from 1865. A pharmacy, a shoemaker’s workshop, a kitchen and music playback devices date from around 1900. Various very beautiful rooms are rented out for various occasions and exhibitions.  Opened in 1975

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