21 - The Swiss Cowbells Factory

On Thursday, June 27, 2023 our Hiestand-Haston Historic Tour group will stop at the famous Swiss Cowbells Factory.

Did you know...?

Bells are protection, happiness, and a sign of peace. This is because in times of war the Swiss bells were taken from the churches and from the pasture to make cannons and weapons. During peacetime, the war machines were once again poured into bells, and peace was rung in.  Cowbells are also perfect for ushering in a new phase of life or a special event such as weddings, retirements, christenings, house handovers, corporate surrenders, etc.

Each bell can be individually labeled and provided with appropriate subjects, e.g. for weddings, birthdays, swing events and with club and company logos or with country, family, cantonal and municipal coat of arms. Cowbells are a piece of craftsmanship that can be given away instead of chocolates or flowers.

“Customers from abroad are supplied reliably, quickly and at special rates via Swiss Post International, EMS or FedEx.”

How Swiss Cowbells are Made - Fascinating Process

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