Lots to Share and Learn at the Daniel Haston FAMILY Reunion

July 22-23, 2022 in White County, TN

Since this page was first published, we have added three more Interest Centers:

  1. The Burritt College Museum in Spencer, TN – Bonnie Adcock, the Director of the museum will be present Saturday morning at our reunion.  Many Hastons and their relatives attended school at Burritt College.  The “college” also included elementary school and high school classes.
  2. The saga of Vollie Belle Haston’s life and her death by a brutal murder.  Beginning July 24 (the day following the Haston Family Reunion), we will begin posting (one per week) a series of articles on the life and tragic 1947 death of Vollie Belle Haston, a remarkable (and beautiful) young woman.  The series will include details of her first husband who married another woman before asking Vollie Belle for a divorce and the court trials that eventually convicted her second husband for voluntary manslaughter.
  3. Display introducing and explaining the Daniel Haston Family Association – its mission statement, the legal status as a tax-exempt “social club,” how to join, and ways in which you can participate.

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For questions about any of the above Interest Centers, feel free to contact us at Info@DanielHaston.blog. 

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