Charles Thomas & Elliot Selina Morgan Haston - Family Reunion

The Hickory Valley Hastons

Sunday - July 24, 2022

The day following the Daniel Haston Family Reunion

Why the Picture of this Little Fire Department?

You are probably asking yourself

Due to the potential of Tennessee July HEAT, we have decided to move inside an air-conditioned space for our Sunday lunch meal.  Jimmy Moss has made arrangements for us to meet in the community room at the Hickory Valley Fire Department, 5250 Hickory Valley Rd, Sparta, TN 38583.  It’s about about 6/10 of a mile north (toward Sparta) from the Hickory Valley Church.  It’s where the Hickory Valley School used to be, if you  know where that was.

Sunday Lunch & Afternoon Schedule

12:30 p.m. – Meet at the Hickory Valley Fire Department for Lunch
  • Charcuterie “board” with fruit, cheese, veggies, crackers
  • Pork bbq and buns for sandwiches
  • Chopped chicken or sliced turkey depending on what they have that week
  • Vinegar Slaw. 
  • Baked Beans 
  • Chips
  • Cranberry Sauce
  • Dessert and snack things
  • Soft drinks, water, tea – ice
And whatever you might want to bring, IF you want to do so – but not necessary.
Sunday Afternoon – Roaming the Backroads of Big Bottom, lost Creek, etc.

Would you like to make the post-lunch afternoon a “Roaming Adventure”–going up on Big Bottom, Lost Creek, etc.?  If so, what would you like to see?  Let’s talk about it at lunch time.  Email me places you’d like to visit.

Sunday Evening – Cookout at the Firefly Acres Pavillion

We have rented Firefly Acres (see below) for the entire weekend.  As the sun starts going down, let’s meet at the Pavillion and have a cookout, just hamburgers, hot dogs, etc.

Map to Hickory Valley Fire Department

Firefly Acres

Map to Firefly Acres

The Charles Beason & Myrtle Emma Wallace Haston Family

Charles Beason & Myrtle Wallace Haston Family

Online Family Tree Records

Thanks to Lois Boyd Horsley (daughter of Elliot Haston) for compiling this Genealogical Database for the
Charles Beason & Myrtle Wallace Haston Family.

Hastons are coming from all over the USA to the July 22-23 (Friday p.m. – Saturday) Daniel Haston Family Reunion, but I wanted to be sure that our “closer” Hickory Valley Haston family be able to have plenty of time to get together.  So, this Sunday gathering is just for us – our Haston, Moss, Hollingsworth, Harris, Rittenhour, and Boyd families–all descendants of Beason and Myrtle Wallace Haston, as well as our cousins from the broader Charles Thomas and Elliott Selina Morgan Haston family.

Our Haston Family Gallery

Send me your old photos of Charles Thomas Haston family members to add to our gallery. 

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