Chris Haston - Our Reunion Portrait Photographer

Captured on the set of The Office, Chris Haston of Redondo Beach, CA, is a staff photographer for NBC Universal.

Brief Bio of Chris Haston


Chris Haston was born Christopher Haston on June 27, 1962, in Harbor City, CA, where he was also raised.  When he was nine years old, his stepfather gave him a camera and he has been hooked on the art of photography ever since.  Growing up in the 1970s, Chris used his camera to photograph his friends and peers.  He was also involved in taking photographs for his high school yearbook.

Chris worked as an automotive racing photographer for six years, a job that was more high-risk than others.  It also involving traveling all around the United States.  After his stint as a racing photographer, Chris was given his dream job at NBC Universal studios as a still photographer.  He has been working for NBC Universal ever since.

Throughout his career at NBC Universal, Chris has done still photography work on numerous NBC Series, such as the hugely popular Will and Grace and The Office.  Chris has also been a celebrity photographer for over two decades.  He has taken portraits of Donald Trump, Bob Hope, Martin Sheen, Shelly Morrison, and innumerable others.  He has also worked as a still photographer on NBC’s talent show, The Voice.

Chris is the father of three children: daughters Katie Haston and Sarah Emmeline Haston, and son Louis Haston.

While working on the set of The Office in 2006, Chris met actress Kate Flannery.  The two started dating soon afterward and have been committed partners to each other ever since.


Chris Haston's Lineage to Daniel Haston and Immigrant Ancestor, Henrich Hiestand

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