Stephen Mathai-Davis - "A Forbes Legend"

Descendant of Daniel Haston through His Son, Jeremiah Haston

On Friday afternoon, July 22, 2022, just shortly before our Daniel Haston Family Reunion officially began, Claire Aufrance received a phone call telling her that her beloved cousin, Stephen Mathai-Davis, had passed away suddenly and completely unexpectedly.  Claire and her family were eating dinner at a restaurant near the reunion site when she received the call telling her of the death of her beloved cousin.  She was scheduled to lead the opening activity at the reunion just a couple hours or so later, but she found the strength to lead the activity in spite of the deep hurt in her heart.  Thanks, Claire, for sharing your brilliant cousin’s story with us.  We are proud to say that he was our cousin too, even though we never knew him personally.  The stories you shared with me about your growing-up times with Stephen are truly heart warming.  “Dear Lord, please help Stephen’s young widow and children through the grief they are now experiencing. Amen.”

Stephen's Lineage to Henrich Hiestand and Daniel Hiestand/Haston

Henrich Hiestand > Daniel Hiestand/Haston > Jeremiah Haston > John Wesley Haston > Eudoxia Eglantine Haston > Walter Ellis Davis > Wallace Martin Davis > Wallace Mathai-Davis > Stephen Mathai-Davis

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