1921 – 2021

James Phillip Haston

Rank and Branch of Military

First Class Boatswain Mate, Navy

Years of Service


Locations of Training, Deployment, and Service

Trained at a destroyer base in San Diego, CA;
Deployed to the South Pacific – “He was a driver for high-ranking naval officers, including Fleet Admiral William F. ‘Bull’ Halsey and Vice Admiral John Henry Newton. He served his country for three years in the Pacific Theater and was discharged from the navy in October 1945.” -Obituary 

Admiral William Frederick "Bull" Halsey Jr. (October 30, 1882 – August 16, 1959)
Vice Admiral John Henry Newton (December 13, 1881 – May 2, 1948)
Wartime Theaters of Assignment and Major Battles

South Pacific, where he served in New Caledonia, the Northern Solomon Islands, and the Gilbert Islands. 

Stories of Interest Involving the Service Member

Uncle James was a talkative friendly man. But like most of the men from that WWII period in history, he did not talk much about what he did during the war. My mother, sisters, and I went to visit him for his 95th Birthday where he showed us many certificates and photos. He had many autographed photos of various Admirals that he was a driver for during the war. He repeatedly was quick to state that he never actually served in combat areas during the war. “I was just a driver.” I needed to remind him that to me he was part of vital support personnel. “Uncle James, you took care of the people who were making some of the most important decisions during that terrible time. I think you were very important.” He would always switch the conversation back to cattle and tales of where he had driven to transport those animals across the nation. He spent many years as a U.S. Mail clerk, small farmer, and cattle transport driver. James had no children. His last wife Joyce, was a sweet, quite woman. Uncle James was still driving at 95. He lived to be 100 and was written up in the Waco Harold Tribune. Much to my surprise, like my father, he had several articles written about him over the years. Unfortunately, I do not have those articles. I believe he left all of his WWII memorabilia to a library in Temple, TX.

-Lynda Haston Britain (niece)

The Waco, TX Tribune-Herald Article Featuring James P. Haston

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Relationship to the Daniel Haston Family

Brothers - Robert (Bob) Weldon Haston and James (Jim) Phillip Haston

Brothers - Robert Weldon Haston and James Phillip Haston
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