Let Us Help You Organize & Promote Your Haston Mini-Reunion

As I got older, the reunions became rarer and much smaller in attendance. The older folks who did all of the organizing were passing away, and the younger family members were not interested in keeping these gathering going. By the time I was finishing high school, we rarely included more than one or two families.

I don’t know about you, but this sounds exactly like something I might say.  When I was a kid, we attended a Haston (later, Haston-Wallace) reunion every year.  Then later, we attended an annual reunion for my mother’s Davis family.  I didn’t particularly look forward to them, but now I look back to them as a valuable part of my “growing up” years.  My appreciation for my family is much richer because of those experiences than it would have been otherwise.

Two Focuses of the Daniel Haston Family Association

The Backward Focus:  

The backward focus is genealogical; it’s researching and recording our Haston (Hiestand) FAMILY’s ancestral roots.  That’s uncovering the story of where we came from in Europe and early America 100s of years ago.  But it’s also working together to weave together the stories of all of our singular branches back to our common ancestor–Daniel Haston (c. 1750-1826).  

The Current Focus:
Strengthening the family relationships within and between the various branches of our Haston FAMILY.  This is where family reunions are so very important.  And this is where many of you can help us.

Two Levels of Haston Family Reunions

All-Hastons Family Reunions

Such as this July 2022 Reunion in White County, TN

The next ALL Hastons Family Reunion will be held in 2024 – Details to come later.

Regional Haston "Mini-Reunions"

In a meeting of our Daniel Haston Family Association CORE Team, the idea of promoting Haston family “mini-reunions” around the country.  These could be regional and/or could be built around a specific branch of the Haston family.  Here are some of the ideas we have in mind:

  • We would need a host or hostess, or a team of them, who would take the lead in organizing the reunion–selecting the site, and choosing the date, etc.
  • Members of our Daniel Haston Family Association would provide some input regarding things we have learned about organizing such events.
  • We would promote these reunions in the Heritage of Daniel Haston Facebook Group, as well as by other means available to us.
  • Some of the core members of the Daniel Haston Family Association would (if at all possible) attend the mini-reunion and introduce the reunion participants to our Family Association, its goals, future events, etc.
  • I (Wayne Haston) am willing to attend these mini-reunions (again, if at all possible) to make The Story of the Daniel Haston Family book available, as well as (if requested) do a presentation on the history of our Haston family, both the overall history and the history of specific branches of the family represented at the reunion.
  • We just want to do whatever we can do to help make these reunions possible and successful.
  • NOTE: If your branch of the Daniel Haston FAMILY already has reunions, please let us know so we can help you in any way we can.

Our First Official DHFA Regional Haston (and other surname spellings) Mini-Reunion

September 28-30, 2023, Carol Haston and Kathleen White will host a regional reunion of Haston-Hasting-Hastings-Hastain-Hastin descendants of Daniel Haston.  


The plan now is for Wayne Haston and other members of the Haston Family Association to be at this reunion.  The Story of the Daniel Haston Family book will be available.  And Wayne will do a couple (or so) of brief presentations on the history of the Daniel Haston family, with special emphasis on the Isaac Hastings and Jeremiah Haston lines–maybe other lines, if requested.

September (Thursday evening) 28 – (Saturday) 30, 2023 in Portland, Oregon

Location: Wichita Avenue Evangelical at 9491 S.E. Wichita Ave. Milwaukie, OR 97222 

Residents of other areas of the USA and any family lines are certainly welcome to attend this Haston mini-reunion.

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