Tragedy at the Tennessee State Capitol Building

July 17, 1890

A shudder passed through the convention hall last night when the announcement was made that a man had fallen from the second story of the Capitol and killed.  The Chairman of the White County delegation was called for, as the victim was one of his men, and a crowd immediately hurried to the scene.  The man was lying on the northern esplanade just in front of the door.  He was unconscious, and a broad puddle of blood surrounded him.  In spite of the entreaties of his friends, the curious mob crowed close around him, and many turned sick at the ghastly sight.  One man fainted dead away.  -Nashville Tennessean

Southern Standard (McMinnville, TN), July 19, 1890

William Carroll Haston, Jr. was a great-grandson of Daniel Haston. His father was William Carroll Haston, Sr. –
the youngest son of David Haston, Daniel’s oldest son.

Correct name: William Carroll Haston, Jr.  –  Age: 33  –  Born February 8, 1857 — Died July 17, 1890

William Carroll Haston, Jr. is buried in the Old Union Cemetery in White County, Tennessee.

The Story of William Carroll Haston, Jr.'s Tragic Death

The Tennessean (Nashville, TN)
18 Jul 1890, Fri · Page 1

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Southern Standard (McMinnville, TN), July 19, 1890