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As Well as Others from Around the USA

Sharon and Wayne Haston

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Descendants of Daniel Haston spread all throughout the United States.  Many of them moved into the Pacific Northwest.  As the Family dispersed, unfortunately, branches of Daniel Haston’s Family became disconnected.  The Daniel Haston Family Association hopes to reconnect these branches and twigs. 

Our original name, going back to at least 1401 in Switzerland, was Hiestand.  Daniel’s immediate family adopted “Haston” while they were living in East Tennessee around 1800.  But as his offspring moved west, some branches spelled their family names “Hasting,” “Hastings,” “Hastin,” “Hastain,” and etc.  Two of Daniel’s sons who settled in Missouri, Jeremiah and Jesse, kept the “Haston” spelling as did David and Joseph back in White County, TN, and Daniel Haston, Jr. in South Central Kentucky.

In recent years, research has uncovered a lot of historical information about the Daniel Haston FAMILY.  We now know:

  • Our European ancestors were from Zürich, Switzerland.  They became Anabaptists (Mennonites) and were forced to flee Switzerland and settle on the Rhineland of southwest Germany.
  • Our immigrant ancestor, Henrich Hiestand, came to America in about 1727.  He settled in Lancaster County, PA for about 15 years and then moved to and permanently settled in what is now Page County, VA in about 1743.
  • Soon after Henrich Hiestand died, Daniel (his youngest son and our ancestor) moved to what is now East Tennessee, formerly the western wilderness of North Carolina.
  • A couple of years before the Cherokee Indians sold the rights (to the United States) to their portion of Middle Tennessee, Daniel moved his family onto Cherokee land in about 1804–they were squatters (preemptors).
  • Daniel purchased 150 acres on the Big Spring Branch in what became White County, TN (now Van Buren County, TN) where he lived the remainder of his life.  He was one of the petitioners to create White County in 1806.
  • Daniel died in 1826 and is buried in the Big Fork Cemetery, about a mile from his house.
  • There were nine now-known and documented children of Daniel Haston: David, Joseph, Daniel, Jr., Isaac, Jesse, Jeremiah, Loucinda (Mitchell), Elizabeth (Roddy), and Catherine (Austin).  There were probably a few others that we do not know about.
  • Only the two oldest sons, David and Joseph, and their sister Catherine remained in Middle Tennessee.

The Formal Program, In Between Times of Getting Acquainted and Some Fun Activities

Presentation 1: An overview of the history of the Daniel Haston Family, from the southeast shore of Lake Zürich in Switzerland to Rhineland Germany, and on to Pennsylvania, Virginia, Western North Carolina, East Tennessee, and eventually, White County, Tennessee…then spreading out all over western USA.

Presentation 2:  The story of Isaac Haston and his family, including his War of 1812 service, his life and family in two areas of Tennessee, Greene County, Missouri, and the 1857 ox wagon journey to and remaining life in Sonoma County, California

Presentation 3: The story of how we connected Jeremiah Haston to the Daniel Haston family, as well as his move to and life in Dallas County, Missouri by way of Gallatin County, Illinois, including information on all of his children.

Q & A sessions to discuss any of your questions about Daniel Haston, his family or any of its various branches.

The Story of the Daniel Haston Family book will be available for purchase.  $50

The mission of the Daniel Haston Family Association is to reconnect the various branches and twigs of the Daniel Haston Family TREE and to...

Rescue from oblivion the history and stories of our early Hastons and related ancestors.

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