230-Plus Events in the Life of David Haston, Phase 2

David Haston - Married Life in Knox County, Tennessee

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May 5

Marriage to Peggy (Margaret) Roddy: This marriage took place in Knox County, TN, and Isham (Isam/Isom) Bradley was the bondsman.  Isham Bradley married Susana Matkocks (Maddox?) on May 13, 1798, in Blount County, TN, and David Haston was his bondsman.  Isham Bradley (of no known kinship to the Hastons) moved his family to White County with the Daniel Haston family, where he lived near them and interacted closely with them for several years before moving to Missouri.  David and Peggy named one of their sons, Isham Bradley Haston, after him.  Both David's and Isham's names are clearly signed on the marriage certificate. David's bride is named "Peggy Roddy" on the document.  The David Haston family Bible record indicates that Peggy ("Margute") was born on September 28, 1785, thus she wasn't quite 15 years old when she married David. The 1850 Federal Census says she was born in North Carolina and was 64 years old at the time of the census.  A 1790 census record tells us her (Philip Roddy) family was living in Randolph County, NC at that time. For many years, the family identity of Peggy (Margaret) Roddy was one of the perplexing mysteries of early Haston research.  However, we now know that her parents were Philip and Mary McComiskey Roddy.  Her maternal grandparents were Daniel and Rebecca McComesky (McComiskey, et. al. spellings) who lived in Baltimore County Maryland.  The Philip and Mary Roddy family lived near the Daniel Haston family in Knox County, TN.  
Source: Knox County, TN Marriage Bonds for 1800

August 16

David Put Up Bond Money For Joseph, His Brother:  In the Samuel Cowan vs Joseph Haston ("timothy lot") case, David, Joseph, and Daniel vouched for $2,000 in bond money to assure that Joseph would appear in court as ordered.  David and Joseph signed the bond in their own handwriting, but Daniel signed by making his mark.  David's signature here was nearly identical to his signature on his marriage certificate of three months earlier.  Joseph was acquitted.  The case was settled on April 15, 1801.
Source:  Samuel Cowan vs Joseph Haston; Knox Co, TN Court Case File:  Docket # 138511235, April 1800. 

September 1

First Child (Malinda) Born:  Malinda married Arthur Mitchell in 1818.  She is thought to have died in Warren County, TN but her date of death is unknown.  Arthur Mitchell, son of Spencer (Sr.) & Rachel Roberts Mitchell, was born on October 20, 1799, in Person County, NC.  He died on April 19, 1874, in Warren County, TN.  Arthur & Malinda were parents of nine children.
Source: David Haston's Bible Record & Cynthia Butler Mitchell

October 28

David Purchased Land in Knox County, TN:  David purchased 111 acres from John Armstrong for $300 on this date.  The tract of land was located on the east fork of Grassy Creek, northwest of Knoxville, between Beaver Ridge and Black Oak Ridge.
Source:  Knox County, TN Real Estate Purchase,  pages 300 & 301 of Volume C, Volume in the original books;  Volume C, Volume 2 of the transcribed version.


1803 Knox County Tax List:  A David Hasston appeared on this list.  He owned 111 acres on Grassy (says "Grassey") Creek and his household had one "white poll."  He was in Captain Childs (probably should be "Chiles") Company.  The list was put together in 1804
Source:  Knox County, TN Tax List for 1803

January 11

Knox County, TN Jury Duty:  David Hasting served on a jury for these cases:  Thomas Humes vs James Watson and Stephen Haynes vs Joseph Ravenhill.  
Source:  Pages 100 & 103 of Records of Knox County, TN Record Book No. 4, 1802-1805 (WPA transcriptions).  Original pages 103 & 106.

January 22

Second Child (Mary ["Polly"]) Born:  Mary (Polly) married William "Black Bill" Lewis (son of William Lewis, Jr.)  in 1827.  This William Lewis was born about 1805 in Pendleton District SC.  They named their first son "David" (b. 1828) and their second daughter "Margaret" (b. 1833). Margaret, the daughter, married William Newel Crain (who was a minister as per the 1880 census) on August 23, 1849, in Van Buren County.  Mary is thought to have died before 1862. 
Sources:  David Haston's Bible records (source of Mary's birth date).  Descendants of William Lewis" by Mickey Dodson (White County, TN - 1994).  Pages 167, 168, & 170 of Pioneer Lewis Families, Volume III, by Michael L. Cook (Cook Publications, 1981).
(1) Mary/Polly was involved in a bastardy case at age 20.  See the October 15, 1824 entry in the third section of this timeline series. 
(2) Remember that "Mary" was the name of Philip Roddy's wife.  She (Mary Roddy) was the daughter of Daniel McComiskey, Sr. of Baltimore, MD.  We don't know why David and Peggy Haston named their first daughter "Malinda."

February 4

Knox Co, TN Road Work Oversight:  It was "Ordered that David Haston be overseer of the public road from the top of the Black Oak Ridge to Low Station, and that hands that formerly wrought under Josiah Armstrong do work thereon."  One year later, that position was assigned to John Chiles (see January 20, 1806 entry).
Source:  Page 53 of Knox County, TN Road Order Book, 1792-1891 (available on microfilm from Knox County, TN Archives in Knoxville).


1806 Knox County, TN Tax List:  David Haston appeared on this 1806 list as an owner of 111 acres in the Chiles Company.  His household was categorized as having 1 "free poll."
Source:  Page 8 from the 1806-1812 volume of the Knox County, TN Tax List.

January 20

Previous Knox County, TN Road Work Assignment:  It was "Ordered that John Chiles be overseer of the public road from the top of the Black Oak ridge to Reed's Bridge and that the hands who formerly wrought under David Haston do work thereon."
Source:  Page 69 of Knox County, TN Road Order Book, 1792-1891 (available on microfilm from Knox County, TN Archives in Knoxville).

June 11

Third Child (Willie B.) Born:  This oldest son of David and Peggy married (1) Tamsey Austin before 1825 and (2) Mary Durham on July 13, 1845, in Van Buren County, TN.  Some Haston researchers have confused this "Willie B." (David's son) with a grandson of Joseph Haston, who had the same name and died at the October 8, 1862 Battle of Perryville, KY.  However, this (David's son) Willie B. Haston's family appears on the 1860 Sebastian County, Arkansas census.  He (W.B. Haston) was listed as being 54 years old, a farmer, and born in TN.  Mary, also from TN, was 35 years old.  Eight children (ages 1 month to 24 years) dependent on Willie B. and Mary were included in the census.  It is interesting that two of Willie B.'s and Mary's children were named Margaret (age 7) and David (age 4).  Also, "William Haston" (age 35 years old) seems to have lived in the same house, along with his wife Nancy (age 30) and two young sons (ages 7 & 3).   According to this census, of the 14 total people living in this house, only 4-year-old David was born in Arkansas.  The rest, including the children of William and Nancy, were born in TN.  So, Willie B. & Mary would have been in Arkansas (at this time) for at least 4 years and less than 7 years.  However, some family records have the four children (of Willie B. and Mary) born between 1851-1860 as having been born in Arkansas.   

Was his middle name "Blount?"  See the notes on this possibility from the 1828 White County militia list and the 1851 Van Buren County court minutes.

Note:  As per Leslie Liddiard, "William" was William Dillard Haston, the oldest son of Willie B. and Tamsey Austin Haston.  He married Nancy Adaline Riddles on January 8, 1852, in Van Buren Co, TN.  
Source (of Willie B.'s birth date):*  David Haston's Bible records;  Arkansas information from the 1860 Sebastian Co, AR census.

Note:  According to a May 7, 1860, Van Buren County court minutes entry, W.B. Cummings became the "guardian of Nancy Haston daughter of W.B. Haston and his former wife Tamsey Haston deceased."  Isaac T. Haston (younger brother of this W.B. Haston) served as a bondsman for this transaction.  If W.B. Haston and his second wife, Mary Durham Haston, had moved to Sebastian County, Arkansas (as per the 1860 census), why did Nancy remain behind?  Why did this transaction not take place prior to the time that W.B. & Mary moved to Arkansas?  This was probably the "Nancy" who appeared in the W.B. Hastion [sic] family on the 1850 census (Van Buren County, TN) and who was 10 years old at that time.  Thus, she would have been 20 years old at the time that W.B. Cummings became her guardian.  It is possible/likely that she chose to remain behind in Tennessee and was allowed to do so due to her age.
Source: Pages 398-399 of Van Buren, TN county court minutes for May 7, 1860 (June 1855-December 1860 book).  TSLA Microfilm #14 for Van Buren County, TN.

Question:  What did the "B" in Willie B. Haston's name stand for?  Did it stand for "Blount?"  Willie Blount (1768-1835), Governor of TN from 1809-1815, was the half-brother of William Blount, who had been the territorial Governor of the Territory South of the Ohio River prior to Tennessee's statehood and was one of Tennessee's earliest senators.  In Knox County, the Hastons lived just across the river from Governor William Blount.  It's very possible that David Haston and Willie Blount were friends in their Knox County years.

See Howard H. Hasting, Sr.'s material for more information on this son of David and Margaret Haston.

July 22

David's Name Not On the Petition to Create White County, TN:  David (as later evidence indicates) was the most civic-minded member of  Daniel's family, but his name does not appear on the July 22, 1806, petition for the formation of White County, TN.  He did not move to middle Tennessee at the same time Daniel and Joseph moved there.  As the September 11 entry (below) indicates, David did not sell his Knox Co property until after the date on which the White County, TN petition was signed.
Source:  Petition for the Formation of White Co, TN, available through the Tennessee State Library and Archives as Legislative Petition # 5-1-1806.

September 11

David Sold the Land on Grassy Creek:  David sold 111 acres to Ezekiel Baldwin for $490.  The deed was witnessed by Isaac Pruett and Isaac Johnson.  Presumably, David sold this land in preparation for his move to White County, TN.
Source:  Knox County, TN Real Estate Sale, page 280 of Volume MV2;  deed date, September 11, 1806;  filed on December 12, 1807.

November 11

Jacob Neff (Nave) Estate Settlement:  David Haston was paid $1.00 for a role in the estate settlement of Jacob Neff / Knave in Knox County, TN.  The WPA transcription says "for crying vendue" but the original document is unclear.  According to the 1828 Webster's Dictionary, a vendue was an "auction, a public sale of anything by outcry [emphasis added], to the highest bidder."  Thus, David was probably the auctioneer for this estate auction or the person who proclaimed notices about the upcoming auction.  David's friend, Isaac Prewet, also was paid for some role. 
Source:  Original page 224 of Knox County, TN Estate Book, Volume 1 (1792-1811).

David Haston most likely was related to the deceased Jacob Neff, in some way.  Was this Jacob Neff related to Christina Nave who married Daniel Hiestend in Shenandoah County, VA in 1773?  Or was he related to Jacob Neff's widow?  Abraham Hiestand, son of Daniel Haston's oldest brother Jacob Hiestand, married the widow of Jacob Strickler's Magdalena Moomaw Stricker, who was the mother of Mary Strickler who married Jacob Neff.* Even though David Haston left Virginia when he was a six-year-old boy, doubtless he would have known that he was related to Jacob Neff one way and/or the other through Mary if not through the Neff family.

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