Samuel Haston - A Lost Son of Daniel Haston?

Daniel Haston’s grandson, William Carroll Haston, said his grandfather had 13 children.  Whether or not that was accurate, I do not know.  Even if it was accurate, how many of those children lived to become adults–old enough to appear in public records?  There are nine children of Daniel Haston that we know of, six boys and three girls.  I’m constantly looking to discover other children of Daniel who have been hidden from Haston researchers for 200 years, more or less. 

At the same time Daniel Haston’s son Jeremiah Haston was living in Gallatin County, Illinois, a Samuel Hasten (also spelled Haston in an record) secured a marriage license to marry Mary Lowry in that county on May 30, 1829.  According to another record, the marriage occurred on May 31, 1829.  But the couple does not appear on the 1830 census for Gallatin County, IL.  Was this another son of our Daniel? If so, where did he go and what happened to him?  

  • The Old Testament name “Samuel” fits the naming pattern of Daniel Haston’s sons–David, Joseph, Jesse, Daniel (Jr.), Isaac, and Jeremiah.
  • Even though we don’t know this Samuel’s age at the time of his marriage, his probable age could certainly fit a son of Daniel Haston.
  • The fact that Jeremiah Haston was living in the same county at the time of the Samuel Haston – Mary Lowry marriage is a reason to think a brother of Jeremiah may also have been living there.

Samuel's License to Marry Mary

Source: “Illinois Statewide Marriage Index,” Office of the Illinois Secretary of State,

Gallatin County, Illinois on the Ohio River

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