Stabbed 22 Times With a Screwdriver

My "Uncle Arthur" and "Aunt Grace" (Haston) Rittenour

Aunt Grace was one of my father’s (Boyd Haston’s) sisters.  Because she and Uncle Arthur lived in Akron, Ohio and our family remained in Tennessee, I never knew them as well as I wanted.  But my memories of her are special–she was a sweet and kind lady, a lovely woman with beautiful auburn colored hair, and a godly woman who love the Lord Jesus.  I admired her.

In September 1979, our Tennessee family was shocked to hear that she had been murdered.  And the way in which she was killed was almost unimaginable to us.  I have always wanted to know more about that violent crime and the murderer who took the life of my Aunt Grace.  Here’s the story.

September 16, 1979
Grace Haston Rittenour Murdered

Grace Haston Rittenour was murdered in this house on Sunday evening, September 16, 1979.  This photo of the house was taken 32 years later.  The canal is located behind the house.

September 17, 1979
First Article in the Akron Beacon Journal

Myrtle was her first name and also the name of her mother.  But she was commonly known by her middle name, Grace.  

September 18, 1979

Arkmael Sales, the murderer, was soon captured, and two days after the murder, details about the crime were revealed.  Sales was charged with aggravated burglary and aggravated murder.

September 18, 1979
Continuation of September 18, 1979 Article
September 18, 1979
Obituary Published

Her parents, Charles Beason and Myrtle (Wallace) Haston died in 1953.  Her older sister, Edna Haston Moss, died in 1976.  

September 20, 1979
October 12, 1979
November 26, 1979 Trial Date Set for Arkmael Sales
December 4, 1979
December 4, 1979
Defendant and His Attorney

Arkmael Sales (right) talks with lawyer, Tim Killian during trial in Summit County (Ohio) Common Pleas Court

December 4, 1979
December 5, 1979
December 6, 1979
Arkmael Sales Found Guilty
December 7, 1979
Arkmael Sale Sentenced to Life in Prison
July 17, 1980
Conviction Challenged but Upheld
May 13, 1982
Sentenced Also for Aggravated Burglary
May 6, 2009
August 20, 2018
A Neighbor States an Opinion Regarding a Requested Parole for Arkmael Sales
December 29, 2021
"Friends for Prisoners" - Arkmael Sales Intro

Posted December 29, 2021:
I am A.Ray Sales, 80 years young (born June 15, 1941), Black, 5’9”, wgt 164, single, heterosexual. Have my GED and some college. Love to read, fish, work with animals, children. Hope to be released in March 2023 and plan to start a refurbishing business upon release. Recovered lung cancer patient. Has very little family, all lost during my confinement. Never married. Will respond to all regardless of age. NOTE: I can receive ONLY letters via SNAIL MAIL; otherwise I cannot respond. 

Akron City Council Opposes Parole of Arkmael Sales
November 21, 2022

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