A River of Importance to the Early Daniel Haston Family

Arthur Weir Crouch, Author
TN State Library & Archives (TSLA) Accession #'s 73-88 and Library of Congress # MS 69-1891

Balsam Range performing ‘Caney Fork River‘ in Studio B on September 25, 2015

If you like good blue grass music, I highly recommend this 3:45 minute video.

SubjectPage in Book
Ancient Roads & Trails – Map of Rock Island Area4
Anderson & Tubb Power Company63
Barrens, The3
Battle of Rock Island6-8
Black Fox Trail3
Boxwell, Camp81
Bridges Above Great Falls – Names and Location29-33
Bridges Above Great Falls – Caney Fork & Tributaries (Map)28
Bridges Below Great Falls on Caney Fork21
Bridges – Changes by TVA in 1971-7234
Burgess Falls Hydro Plant53
Cake With a Message, A85
Caney Fork of the Cumberland, The3
Center Hill Hydro Plant53
Chicamauga [Chickamauga] Path3
Circus Comes to Rock Island76-77
Cisco & St. Petra Indian Trail3
Collins River That Runs Uphill12 A
Dams, Early Dams on the Caney Fork and Tributaries 35
Darkey Spring68
Earthquake – New Madrid of 18119
Elk River Road – See “Old Kentucky Road”69
Explorers, Surveyors & Settlers Prior to 18003-5
Fall Creek Falls State Park80
Feather Deposit, The Rock Island76
Ferries Above Great Falls on Caney Fork & Tributaries26-27
Ferries Below Great Falls on Caney Fork22
Fish Traps36-37
Floods at Great Falls55-56
Fords Above Great Falls on Caney Fork & Tributaries23-25
Fords Below Great Falls on Caney Fork21
Gas, Natural – In the Area52
Girl Scout Camp81
Good Old Days, The – (Electric System Maintenance)66
Great Falls Power Plant53-62
Great Falls Power Company53
Grissom, Sam – Storekeeper & Philosopher78
Hash Family – Land Grants, Deeds & Family Notes79
Haunted Falls, The – (A Song)84-85
Hi-Lake Camp81
Hydro Electric Power Plants53
Indian Trails & Paths3
Indian Trails & Paths – Map4
Iron Forges44,46
Land Grants – 
Log Rafts on The Caney Fork20
Map – Ancient Roads & Trails4
Maple on the Hill – A Song83
McGiboney, Recollections of James77-78
McMinnville Hydro Electric Plant63
Men Who Built The Great Falls Plant56-62
Mills, Old – On The Caney Fork & Upper Tributaries38-40
Navigation on the Caney Fork River19
Ode To The Caney Fork by Hudson2
Oil & Gas In The Caney Fork Basin52
Old Kentucky Road68-69
Old Songs83-85
Officer, John – Fishing Guide82-82A
Pearls From The Caney Fork River22
People & Places (Listed Alphabetically)70-75
Powder Mills51
Recreation & Camping On The Caney Fork River80-82
References –  
Roads And Trails, Ancient Map of4
Roads And Trails, Locating Old67
Roads In The Rock Island Area68
Rock Island, The Battle of7-8
Rock Island State Park81

Rock Island Area Map – Showing The Old And The New


Shawver, G.B. (Bun) – His Work in Sparta

Shawver, G.B. (Bun) – His Work in McMinnville63,66
Songs, Old83-85
Sparta Light & Power Company63
Stage Coach Lines In The Rock Island Area67
Steam Boats on the Caney Fork20
Stone Fort, Old – At Rock Island69
Tennessee Electric Power Company63
Walling Light & Power Company63
Webb Hotel80
Webb School Camp81-82
Word From The Writer, A1
Yankee Army Biscuit, Natives Eat78
Y.M.C.A. Camp82

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