The Boyhood Beginnings of an Army Major General

Baby Max with parents, Jerry Dean and Bettye Claire Woodlee Haston

Ancestral Line Back to Henry Hiestand, Immigrant Ancestor

I strongly encourage you to view the obituaries of Max’s parents and be sure to watch the videos presented at their funerals.  They say so much about his parents and their very positive impact on his life.

Some Highlights of Max's Boyhood Years

Max and a friend found several thousand dollars in a brown paper bag in a fence row, turned it in to authorities. The owner, an elderly gentleman from Texas, was found. This resulted in a visit to the state legislature, where he was named a ‘Sergeant at Arms’ and presented with a proclamation, followed by photos in the Governor’s Office. 

Max grew up watching his Dad pack for drill weekends and summer camp. He has vivid memories of his Dad being called up for civil unrest. He played “Army” from a young age and probably became a Boy Scout because he loved uniforms at an early age!

As the son of an enlisted Dad, Max was always a “soldier’s soldier,” preferring to train and be in the field. He was known for his phrases, many learned from his Dad, that became known as “Maxisms.” When he commanded the 3/278th Armored Cavalry Regiment in Cookeville, a Book of Maxisms was printed.

Where is Max?  Can you pick Max out from this team photo?

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