Tour Stop # 3 – Daniel Haston Homesite

Daniel Haston Homesite – c. 1804 & On The Daniel Haston Farm Remained in the Haston Family for More than 150 Years 35°48’04.85″ N 85°26’38.00″ W The Site of the Daniel Haston Cabin-Home The current house is probably the location of the original Daniel Haston cabin-home The Haston Big Spring Branch The Haston Big SpringContinue reading “Tour Stop # 3 – Daniel Haston Homesite”

Tour Stop #2 – Big Fork Cemetery

Big Fork Cemetery One of the Oldest Church Cemeteries in or Near White Co, TN – 200+ Years Like so many old cemeteries, for years the Big Fork Cemetery was covered with broken tombstones, fallen trees, waist-high grass, shoulder-high bushes, active groundhog dens, and God-only-knows how many copperheads.  After conducting an on-site study of theContinue reading “Tour Stop #2 – Big Fork Cemetery”

Tour Stop #1 – Old Union Church

Old Union Cumberland Presbyterian Church Founded 1805? – Organized Officially 1811 Some sources say the Union Presbyterian Church was founded in 1805.  We do know that Spence Mitchell, an early settler in southern White County, TN, deeded a plot of land for what was called the Union Meeting House on August 24, 1811.  The churchContinue reading “Tour Stop #1 – Old Union Church”

Tour of Daniel Haston Family Historic Sites

The Daniel Haston Family Historic Sites Tour Saturday Afternoon, July 22, 2022 Download Print Version To see the highlighted route on a printed copy, print in color or print in grayscale then highlight the route manually. Click on the (right side) arrow to sequence through the sites on the tour. 0 – Hickory Valley BaptistContinue reading “Tour of Daniel Haston Family Historic Sites”