White County, TN Early Tax Lists for Caney For – Cane Creek Districk

Early Land Owners & Occupants – Caney Fork & Cane Creek White County, TN (Later, Van Buren County) 1811-1815 1816-1818 1821-1825 1826-1829 1832-1836 1837-1839 If you appreciated this article, please share it with others who might also enjoy it. Facebook Twitter Pinterest Email Print Order Copies of the Book – Or, See More Information andContinue reading “White County, TN Early Tax Lists for Caney For – Cane Creek Districk”

Haston Family Mini-Reunions

Let Us Help You Organize & Promote Your Haston Mini-Reunion As I got older, the reunions became rarer and much smaller in attendance. The older folks who did all of the organizing were passing away, and the younger family members were not interested in keeping these gathering going. By the time I was finishing highContinue reading “Haston Family Mini-Reunions”

Next Stage – Feature More of YOUR Family’s Stories

2022 (and beyond) – Featuring More of YOUR Families’ Stories We will continue to try to post a variety of stories related to our Daniel Haston family–more history, etc.  But this year we want to begin to hear more of your stories.  All branches of the Haston Family have stories that are worth sharing withContinue reading “Next Stage – Feature More of YOUR Family’s Stories”

Landon Medley Obituary

Landon Medley October 6, 1949 – September 25, 2021 Whether you knew him personally or not, Landon Medley was a friend to all of us who are interested in researching and studying the history of our Daniel Haston family.  Landon lived near the Daniel Haston family place and was steeped in a knowledge of localContinue reading “Landon Medley Obituary”

Haston Family History Overview

The Daniel Haston Family: A Historical Overview The Story of the Daniel Hiestand/Haston Family From the Mountains of Switzerland to the Rhineland of Germany to all across America The Story of Daniel Haston’s SWISS Ancestors, His Life, and All of His Known Children in 50+ Segments If you appreciated this article, please share it withContinue reading “Haston Family History Overview”

03 – Hiestand Bakery in Zurich, Switzerland

03 – Hiestand Bakery Bistro & Shop in Zurich, Switzerland –Here’s where we will eat lunch on Friday, June 16, 2023 – on our Hiestand-Haston Family Heritage Tour to Switzerland and the Rhineland of Germany.– View the Menu Options Alfred (Fredy) Hiestand comes from Hiestand family, which is the honorable bakery brand in Europe. HeContinue reading “03 – Hiestand Bakery in Zurich, Switzerland”