July 26-27, 2024 All-Hastons Family Reunion

Bringing Together Haston Kinfolk from All Over the USA Some of Daniel Haston’s descendants morphed the name into Hastain, Hastin, Hasting, Hastings, and other variant spellings, but he (Daniel Haston) is our first generation-to-America ancestor. In July 2022 the first-ever Daniel Haston All-USA Family Reunion was held in the “Haston Homeland” (Southern White County, TN). Continue reading “July 26-27, 2024 All-Hastons Family Reunion”

2023 Pacific Northwest Haston Reunion

Our First Daniel Haston Family Association Regional Reunion Portland, Oregon Our first Daniel Haston Family Association-sponsored regional (mini) reunion was held in Portland, Oregon on Friday evening, September 29, and all day Saturday, September 30.  The Friday evening event was very informal, with snacks, coffee, etc.  For nearly four hours, the place was buzzing withContinue reading “2023 Pacific Northwest Haston Reunion”

Meeting of Haston Cousins in the Pacific Northwest

Meeting Our Cousins in & from the Pacific Northwest As Well as Others from Around the USA Sharon and Wayne Haston Contact Carol Haston for information and to register: CarolHaston@gmail.com Descendants of Daniel Haston spread all throughout the United States.  Many of them moved into the Pacific Northwest.  As the Family dispersed, unfortunately, branches ofContinue reading “Meeting of Haston Cousins in the Pacific Northwest”

Pacific Northwest Daniel Haston Families Reunion

First Ever – Pacific Northwest Reunion of Our Family Meeting at the Wichita Avenue Evangelical Church Friday evening, September 29 (5:00-9:00 p.m.) and Saturday, September 30 (9:00 a.m. – 6:00 p.m.) The Agenda Thursday & Friday – September 28-29 (or earlier) – Optional, come early and visit some of the local tourist sites.  Organize yourContinue reading “Pacific Northwest Daniel Haston Families Reunion”

Slicker War in Missouri

The Slicker War of Missouri And the Family of Isham Bradley, Friend of the Haston Family “Isham Hobbs was a noted character, and probably the worst desperado ever on the borders.” Isham Hobbs (probably born in White County, TN) was the namesake grandson of Isham Bradley, a very close friend of the Daniel Haston family. Continue reading “Slicker War in Missouri”

Reunion – Charles Beason & Myrtle Wallace Haston Family

Charles Thomas & Elliot Selina Morgan Haston – Family Reunion The Hickory Valley Hastons Sunday – July 24, 2022 The day following the Daniel Haston Family Reunion Why the Picture of this Little Fire Department? You are probably asking yourself Due to the potential of Tennessee July HEAT, we have decided to move inside anContinue reading “Reunion – Charles Beason & Myrtle Wallace Haston Family”

00 – June 14-27, 2023 Hiestand-Haston Tour to Switzerland and Germany

Hiestand-Haston Family Heritage Tour June 14-27, 2023 – Switzerland & Rhineland of Germany Photo above: The “village” of Richterswil in Canton Zürich, Switzerland – where our Hiestand-Haston ancestors lived centuries ago. Download the Questions and Answers Document A Tour with Double-Value Scenic Value The “scenic value” of this tour alone will be worth the priceContinue reading “00 – June 14-27, 2023 Hiestand-Haston Tour to Switzerland and Germany”